We’re Nicki and Scarlett. Two passionate branding and marketing pros who started LUNA + LION nearly 4 years ago. Our mission since day one has been to elevate brands by injecting energy and inspiring bravery (hence LUNA + LION).

We’re proud to say we don’t have a niche industry, our niche is a little more human than that. We work with Founders of scale-ups or start-ups who have a fire in their gut for what they’re building. They’re creative, open-minded, willing to be challenged and ready to be bold. 

We’ve worked across food & drink, fashion, wellbeing, beauty, hospitality, retail and more. We get our energy from diving into different markets and bring lots of value with insights from beyond your sector, allowing us to see your industry from a fresh and innovative perspective.



We build brands that roar.

Brands that take up space and command attention. Brands designed to be seen and positioned to be heard.


We work on brand strategy, identity and design for scale-ups and start-ups. We can lead you through the whole journey or we can jump in and own one piece of the puzzle (see more info on our services below).

No matter the budget, no matter your size, you get both Co-Founders who fully integrate into your business and bring different expertise to the table. Scarlett as Brand Director and Nicki as Strategy Director, along with an awesome multi-discipline team.

Importantly, our goal is to leave the brand AND the Founder in a stronger position than when we started. Do any of these sound familiar? If so, we’ve got you:

  • I want to scale my business but my brand needs to evolve to attract the quality of opportunities I’m after
  • My brand doesn’t ignite a spark in me anymore which is making the business feel stuck
  • I’m starting out and want a brand that makes me feel clear and confident
  • I want a brand that is creative and personal, one that isn’t just based on current design trends


What are you waiting for? Let’s ROAR!

“Nicki and Scarlett have been perfect for these early stage concept and brand dev projects. They’ve been super agile, creative and held high standards to get to really compelling results, whilst challenging us along the way too.”


Kathryn Reynolds, Senior Innovation Manager EMEA APAC

Brand strategy, naming, product development and brand design for Molson Coors

“Nicki and Scarlett were a delight to work with. They designed a highly successful small business collaboration speed dating event for us as part of our 'Time Out Curates at Samsung KX' series. They brought wonderful energy to the project, perfectly captured the event brief and worked flexibly to integrate Samsung products into it.”


Sylvia Kowalska, Experiential Manager, Time Out London

Bespoke event for Time Out London and Samsung UK

“Working with Luna + Lion is an absolute pleasure. They are incredibly attentive and have a unique ability to understand your brand and provide ideas they are really passionate about. They exceeded my expectations with the project and provided me with some incredible insight into ways of improving my brand.”


Lisa Upton, Director, Euphrenity
Campaign planning and consultation


We can work on full scale brand creation or re-brand projects, from strategy to identity to design. Or we can work on one specific part of your brand architecture. See the full range of our skills below and drop us a message to chat through how we can help.


  • Industry + audience research 
  • Market positioning
  • Brand + marketing strategy 
  • Content strategy
  • Partnerships + collaborations 


  • Brand naming
  • Brand messaging (IE mission, values, story etc)
  • Tone of voice
  • Content creation


  • Core brand design + style (IE logos, colours, fonts, motifs etc)
  • Website structure + design
  • Digital + print assets

So, are you ready to roar?

We’re proud to have worked with

We've worked with Time Out
We've worked with Dutchy Labs
We've worked with Verizon Media
We've worked with Grace Hair and Beauty
We've worked with LN and B
We've worked with Planted Yoga Rugs


Looking to build a brand that roars? We don’t blame you. Pop your details in below and we’ll be in touch to see how we can help.